Our Story

The humanity and the world is facing many very serious problems and some of these problems rise to the level of being “existential threats”. It is highly unlikely if not impossible to develop solutions for such complex problems as individuals or in isolation. Humanity must develop a new collective vision and the ability to cooperate for the common good. Developing new leaders and new styles of leadership are essential. As it is often the case both the problems and the solutions lie within the challenge of raising an individual human being who is decorated with the necessary knowledge, skills and character.

To be part of the solution and to accept the challenge of “serving others”, Spring Educational Services, Inc. (SES), a non-profit educational organization, was established in 2019 with the following expressed purposes as stated in its founding documents:

Create an environment and culture of “service to others”; inspire, encourage and cultivate future leaders and active citizens that are decorated with universal moral values, virtues, habits, knowledge and skills necessary to build a better global community.

Develop and run programs, activities and events in support of academic, social and cultural development and success of students, parents, mentors and educators.

● Produce and disseminate knowledge, ideas, research data and information related to education and youth development.

● Interact with and provide services, support and guidance to other educational institutions and groups to improve their quality of educational services and programs as well as benefit from their experiences.

● Initiate and run educational grant and scholarship programs as needed