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Spring Educational Services, a non-profit established in 2019, strives to cultivate individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and character to be part of the solution.

Aims to: Create a culture of service and develop future leaders with universal moral values. Run programs supporting academic, social, and cultural development. Generate and disseminate education-related knowledge and research. Collaborate with other educational institutions to enhance their services and benefit from their experiences. Initiate and manage educational grant and scholarship programs.


Spring Educational Services is devoted to excellence in mentoring students and developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

  • International focus – our mentees come from across the globe

  • Residential services – we encourage learning and growth

  • People not profits – volunteer led organization

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At Spring Educational Services, Inc. (SES), our mission is to empower the youth to address the formidable challenges facing humanity. We recognize the existence of existential threats and the need for collective action to overcome them. Our primary aim is to inspire, mentor, and cultivate future leaders and active citizens who embody universal moral values, virtues, and the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute to a better global community. We believe that our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals is vital in tackling these complex problems effectively.

Our philosophy at SES is rooted in the belief that the world’s most pressing issues necessitate a holistic approach to youth development. We are committed to creating an environment and culture of service to others, instilling in our students the importance of moral values and virtues, while fostering the habits and skills that will empower them to make a difference. We view education as a transformative process that goes beyond traditional learning and encompasses the cultivation of character, values, and a deep sense of responsibility to society.

SES is steadfast in its commitment to the academic, social, and cultural development and success of students, parents, mentors, and educators. We are dedicated to providing tailored guidance, skill development, and comprehensive developmental support, tailored to the unique needs of our community. We actively engage with other educational institutions and groups to improve the quality of educational services and programs while learning from their experiences.

Our promise at SES is to be a beacon of guidance and support, offering programs like the Kids Academy, Homeschooling, and a Parent Academy to ensure that every member of our educational community receives the necessary tools for personal and collective growth. We aim to disseminate knowledge, ideas, research data, and information related to education and youth development, empowering our students with the resources they need to excel.

At SES, our core values revolve around the principles of service, empowerment, integrity, and global responsibility. We believe in the power of service to others, the empowerment of individuals to lead and make a positive impact, the importance of integrity in all our interactions, and a deep sense of global responsibility that underscores our commitment to a better, interconnected world. These values guide our every action and decision as we work together to shape future leaders and build a better global community.




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