Southeast University Convention 2024

The program we organized throughout the Southeast took place at two different universities. It was attended by university students and 12th-grade students, generating significant interest. The program was successfully held at Georgia Tech and Emory University.

Harvard graduate Esat Bayar, Professor Dr. Zeynep Işık from Bowman University, and Gareth Young, M.A. Oxford University graduate, participated in the program as distinguished speakers. These valuable speakers shared important insights and experiences with the participants.

A total of 2 workshops were organized, and these workshops are still among the topics people are discussing. Participants enjoyed sharing their experiences related to the knowledge gained during the workshops.

In addition, the refreshments offered during the event were fantastic. Great flavors and meticulous presentations made the event even more special. Participants contributed to the success of the event by sharing their unforgettable event experiences.

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