The Society for Human Resource Management 2020


The Society for Human Resource Management 2020 Last Saturday, Spring Educational Services’ partnership with The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM-Atlanta) brought great success as over 30 high school and college students joined to expand their skills in the professional world. The workshop included why and how-toes of LinkedIn usage, an individual one-hour session with three different human resources professionals, and a panel of five speakers from various departments. The one-on-one sessions allowed students to get advice on the content of their resumes and develop themselves for their desired jobs. Moreover, the LinkedIn presentation offered the students steps in [...]

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Job Training 2019


Job Training 2019 On Sunday, September 8th, 2019, Ms. Rosario Navarro, a certified HR professional, visited Istanbul Cultural Center to offer advice on resume writing, to support youth in job interviews, and to provide them with useful tips. She introduced the steps it takes to be hired at students’ dream jobs. From writing a concise resume to dress codes for interviews, she explained the importance of authenticity. She has taught the students to be confident about themselves, not to be shy, and to be as creative as possible. Not only did she discuss the crucial elements of job interviews, [...]

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